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And We’re Open 

Umm…I mean

We Open at 14.00! 

Otherwise known as 2pm - Roleplayers at the ready…


OMG We Open Tomorrow! 

And I still need to do more bios! My co-admin is currently holidaying so I’m on my own for a while! But I promise you I will get them done in a few day! Until then your job and if not then apply?


5 DAYS!!!! 

I’m sooooo excited!


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Follow Julie Chamberlain 



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Follow Leah Chang 


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Leah Chang is Accepted!  

Just send us your link within 48 hours!


Name: Petra

Age: 15

Timezone: GMT+1

Any Comments/Questions: Nope :)


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1 App for Leah Chang 

You have 24 hours until she is closed!

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Julia Chamberlain Is Accepted 

Yes you will have to make her a new blog. Could you also send us her bio please? 


Name: Julia Vestman

Age: 13 (Don’t judge.)

Timezone: +2

Any Comments/Questions: Am i supposed to do a different tumblr blg for this? 

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Sirius Black- 7th year – Gryffindor- Beater- Pureblood

Sirius is the first Gryffindor in his family, in fact the first not in Slytherin, something he is very proud of. Sirius is a rebel no doubt about it, there’s also no doubt he’s completely in love with his girlfriend Marlene (despite his playboy reputation). The summer before last Sirius moved into best friend James’ house after a argument with his parents which lead to him being disowned. This year is Sirius’ last and believe that it’s going to be memorable.

Close Friends: Alice Prewett, Frank Longbottom, Lily Evans, Dorcas Meadowes, Marlene McKinnion, Mary MacDonald, the Marauders, Emmeline Vance, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Hestia Jones, Amber Lupin, Sturgis Podmore, Caradoc Dearborn

FC: Ben Barnes

Endgame Ship: Sirius/Marlene


  • Order Member

  • In Azkaban for 12 years

  • Killed in the Department of Mysteries (1995)

  • Fiance of Marlene McKinnon